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How A Proxy Will Help You With Instagram Promotion

How A Proxy Will Help You With Instagram Promotion

How A Proxy Will Help You With Instagram Promotion

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It seems that with each new day there is a new change of terms and conditions and terms of services when it comes to using Instagram. They increasingly seem to come up with new ideas that limit the ability to market effectively on the platform, but thankfully you can remain one step ahead, especially if you manage multiple pages on Instagram, here we uncover how a proxy can help your Instagram promotion.

What Is a Proxy

Think of a proxy as a middle man that can stop the signal from your device heading straight to Instagram so they can record your IP address. You can direct a proxy to show your IP address from whatever country you want to and it can hide your true location. This may seem a bit technical for basic Instagram use, but it is something that you may need to consider.
There are so many popular proxy brands out there like Luminati, SmartProxy or High Proxies. Bountii recommends these proxies for IG.

Proxy’s and Automation

Automation is widely frowned upon by Instagram but it is an exceptionally powerful tool that can help you grow your audience and following very quickly. Unlike purchasing followers, automation works with a series of algorithms and automatic ‘likes and follows’ to increase your profile visibility. People like it when other profiles like their content and validate them.
This is what the automation works on the basis of, the more profiles and content you engage with, the more people will also like and engage with yours. If you use any type of automation on your accounts, such as an auto liker or follower or any other type of application that does actions on your behalf, you are flouting Instagram’s terms of service. This can result in your account(s) being blocked and suspended. If you are using a service like this, a good solid proxy can help hide these actions under a vail, so you are able to continue using the service without any fear of having your account blocked or banned.

Management of More Than Three Accounts

Some people may wonder as to why you need more than an Instagram account, but it is far more common than you may realize. If you are a social media marketing executive, you may manage multiple brands under one account. Likewise, you may have different accounts for different types of products you sell under your one brand. Whilst there have been mixed reports on the true number of accounts you need to manage that will warrant you being blocked, we are certain it is three although some people report being blocked when they manage two.
How A Proxy Will Help You With Instagram Promotion

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Now you can get around this by simply logging in and out of your accounts each time you want to make a change, upload new content or engage with other users. However, this can be difficult especially if you are managing more than 5, the chances are at one point you may well slip up and simply switch accounts. As soon as this happens, your accounts will flag and they will then be suspended. If you use a proxy, it will look as though all the accounts you are managing are being managed in different locations, keeping your accounts from flagging Instagram’s algorithms.


There are a plethora of proxies that are available to you. There are three different levels, but for the sake of security, only ever purchase one when you are the sole owner of it. You can purchase ones that you pool with a group, but the added security risk is not worth it. If you are running automation, then proxies such as Nord VPN is exceptionally secure as well as express.

Final Thoughts

It is always worth keeping up to date with Instagram’s changes to their terms and conditions and terms of service, they are becoming more stringent than ever when it comes to businesses and brands promoting on their platform. If you are a social media management executive or you manage your own brand with multiple different accounts under one umbrella a VPN is defiantly worth having, Not only will it hide your visibility online, it will also veil your actions, that way you can manage multiple accounts from one location. Proxies will also help you to continue with automation if you are utilising this on your feed. Invest in strong proxies where you are the only owner of the server and you will lessen the risk of having your accounts suspended or blocked.

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